LUMINARY was established for bosses just like YOU. We’re an aspirational lifestyle brand hailing from the streets of Johannesburg on a mission to inspire the next generation of bosses. LUMINARY is for the dreamers and the doer’s - those who inspire their friends and those who dream of inspiring the world. It all starts with inspiring yourself.

We know you’re different. We know you’re cut from a different cloth. We know that bosses express themselves however they want and we’re here to tell you that we’ve got the goods to help you do just that. Our dope pieces are clean and versatile, just like the bosses who don them. A LUMINARY is someone who inspires or influences others. That’s you, that’s your destiny and we’re here to help. Join us in becoming the next LUMINARY

The Mission

To take Africa's jewellery game to the international stage and inspire artists and creators to break boundaries.

The Luminary Fam

The continents biggest Djs, artists and creators make their statement with LUMINARY. You belong here.